Barber vs. Salon

Cupcake is making an appointment to get her hair done before school starts. Get that? Make an appointment. Not just walk in. Of course, it isn’t just a “haircut”. It is a style, coloring, something called balayage, fluff, layer, blow dry, and a price tag to reflect all these things. An hour later he is still snipping. Not sure what, because he has been snipping the same square inch since 30 minutes ago. He has 9 different types of brushes, each one seems to require 100 strokes, and then more snipping. When he is finally done, there does not seem to be any residual hair on the floor. Huh. Then comes the blow dry, with comb motions that defy physics.

All done.

I am a guy.

I go to my barber. Walk in. He says “hey”. I say “hey”, I sit down, he cuts my hair. I give him a $20. Done. The entire thing takes 20 minutes. No reservation book. No “how would you like this today?”. No words spoken concerning my gray hairs. Just the sound of scissors and trimmers, while I watch whatever sports he has on the TV.


20 thoughts on “Barber vs. Salon

  1. My local barber retired but I had a back-up plan. The new barbershop does utilize reservations, texts reminders for the appointment, etc. but outside of “giving in” to the appointment technology…just like you said…cut and run…20 minutes and gone.

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    1. It is a big treat to myself before a challenging year anticipated. Believe me, I shop around for the best deal but the husband, said, ‘go ahead, you have earned it!’ I hesitate to pull the trigger. I might write a blog about this. He he.

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  2. As a woman, I gave up having other “stylists” cut my hair. In my experience, the last good hair cut I had by a “stylist” was in the late 80s. Those folks are all retired, now and knew how to properly cut hair. The new “stylists” are not trained in correct techniques, just the latest Hellyweird fad.

    I went with a buddy for his barber visit. When he was done, I told his barber to cut my hair. His eyes got big and his head started to shake. “I don’t do “lady hair.” I sat in his chair, anyway and looked over to the 12 year old boy in the next chair, getting a “boy cut.” I said “Can you give me his cut?” “You want THAT cut???”…mouth hanging open. “Go for it.”

    I got my 12 year old boy cut and my hair grew back out over two years. I trimmed on it, myself and now that it is getting long & aggravating, again, I will go back to my “boy cut” and start the process over again.

    My last “stylist” bill was $70 and my hair was butchered. “I’ll take the boy cut for $20, Alex!”

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  3. It took me a LONG time to find someone that knows how to cut curly hair well and now that I found my person, she’s not getting rid of me until she retires! She is amazing and not too pricey ($100 for dye and cut).


      1. You do realize that about 44% of women are barbers yet most are stylists. The Barber profession isn’t strictly a man’s job as much as The Stylist isn’t just a woman’s job. I’ve had my hair barbered by both men & women, both doing excellent men cuts.


      2. Matt – I never made reference to the sex of the barber, just that I prefer barbershops to salons. I do not care WHO cuts my hair (by either sex or color). Why did you make it about sex orientation?


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