Dancing with Myself

We all know that glamor commercials are undergoing massive changes as people become concerned that little girls are made to feel less than perfect and extremely self conscience. Ultimately it can leave to a lack of confidence, which then leads to serious depression….and nothing good comes from an 11 year old stuck in a world of massive depression.

So commercials are making things right by including women/models that are not defined by size 2 clothes, or Victoria Secret features. This is a good thing.

BUT…and a big but in my book, what about all these commercials that focus on group dance routines? You know, perfectly choreographed with people that either have a serious natural talent or have taken expensive dance lessons. This is not realistic, either. Since a large (Read that: LARGE) majority of people dance like a 3 legged camel on frozen ice, then this could lead them to believe they are less that perfect. To me, it is no different than the body aspect, as it can cause a child to be withdrawn and become anti-social. They either skip the prom or become the ultimate wall flower.

It reminds me of the Mastercard commercial from years ago, where the three boys are dancing to George Clinton’s “We got the Funk.” Now THESE boys did not give a crap about their dancing techniques, but many do, and it can be crushing to their self confidence.


5 thoughts on “Dancing with Myself

  1. As someone with a natural dance talent and expensive dance lessons, I know that group dance routines are so incredibly dull to learn and dance to that we should feel sorry for them all and just take it upon ourselves drink enough cocktails that all dancers are considered equal.

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  2. Life is a big challenge. How about the TV shows like the Bachelor/Bachelorette that send the message that the only way to meet someone is through a TV show like that – how you look, sleeping with someone right away, etc. It’s hard for kids or us to have good role models anymore. Such a shame, really.


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