So, is it hoarding?

If you have Winn Dixie in your area, then you have probably visited there new “Dollar” Aisle. Of course, it is now a “Dollar and a quarter” Aisle (Thanks Joe!), but it is still a cool feature. Lots of decent daily use stuff and food can be found here. Not all Winn Dixies have them, but if you can find one, it is worth perusing what it has.

Anyway, they have these boxes of biscuits (cookies) in three flavors: Cinnamon (six to a box), Blueberry (six to a box) and chocolate (5 to a box). I have taken an insane liking to the chocolate ones, although the blueberry are a close second. Problem is, a LOT of folks have taken a liking to the chocolate, making them damn near impossible to get. I have been to five stores in the last two days, and those that carry them have been out.

Today, I went to two. One was out, the other was well stocked. They had 14 boxes! Yippy Kay ay! So I bought 8 of them, not knowing when I would see them again.

So here is my poser to you: Is this being too greedy, or by leaving six was I all good? I figure that if Winn Dixie is too slow on stocking them or not ordering enough to meet demand, and I am in the right place at the right time, so be it. Note: I am not going to feel any guilt or do it any different next time, I was just wondering (not caring, just wondering) what you readers think.


20 thoughts on “So, is it hoarding?

  1. I don’t think it’s hoarding if you leave some for other people. I have a cat who only likes Johnny Cat litter. It was hard to find during the pandemic and I’d buy all but one or two bags when I found it. I felt it was okay to buy four out of six bags.

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    1. I do that with a lot of stuff…including most paper products. I make no apologies. The Governments over-reaction to Covid taught me to be vigilant about necessary products. I keep a years worth of TP, Paper towels, Laundry pods, dish detergent, and other products with eternal shelf life.

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      1. No chance on that second part. I do not help people simply because they failed to properly prepare. That is why SS is financially broke, and why our welfare system is viewed by many as a means to make a living.

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    1. Yep. I have an MBA and understand the supply/demand game, but it is skewed because of distribution issues. Stores may WANT to supply based on demand, but if the product needed is sitting on a ship 20 miles outside of port in a que that is 40 days behind, than S/D needs a new algorithm.

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      1. Not exactly. Our supply issues are hardly new. Our problem is that we think supply issues are new because most people don’t understand that the political interference we are seeing now is a throwback to earlier times.

        Remember is the meaning of the term equilibrium. The marketplace has a difficult time reaching the point of equilibrium. Supply issues and the pressures for demand vary over time. Many factors including weather, warfare, disease, new products, changing consumer tastes, political favoritism and so forth constantly conspire to throw the market out of equilibrium. That has always made economics difficult to understand and extremely difficult to model.

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      2. Yes exactly. In all those other times you mentioned, supply issues caused shortages and in many, rationing. Stores can only offer what they can get. I agree that it is a an age old program, and with few exceptions (the 1930’s dust bowl) shortages were rooted in political incompetency. With the exception of war allocations, it is usually not a manufacturing problem, it is a distribution problem, and that is my point. The retailer is just the end point and is blamed.

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  2. I would react the same way in that I would buy the majority of the items but leave a couple for the next person. Lots of times these days, the stores can’t even get enough workers to restock the shelves so it certainly isn’t as if that’s all the store has…just all they have out at that moment in time.


    1. We do not seem to have a terrible worker shortage here in Tampa, but I am not afraid to ask for someone to take a backroom peek. Usually they just hit the SKU on the shelf with their pricing thingy and it tells them if any more is in stock.

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  3. Wow. I haven’t seen a Winn-Dixie in my area in years. They all ran off.

    I will get extra if I can. Luckily, I appear to be one of those types that hoards stuff others don’t seem to be interested in.


  4. Here’s what I think. If no one was around…. Look/observe… then take as many as you want to buy. If people are next to you and you both are going “in for them,” it’s an entirely different story. LOL Now, you have to be polite. GOOD SKIT FOR SEINFELD, they probably did one. It’s ALL about the sale in the end, especially when it is something that sells out FAST. Why leave them there for someone else, I mean you did — very nice, but if you’ve gone to other stores, you did your fair due diligence, right.


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