Mother Nature agrees

So, let me get this straight…California is running out of water and taking the entire Southwest with it. Lakes running dry. Ponds and streams running dry. Colorado River running dry. In the meantime, Florida may have to expand our water retention because everything is at capacity, and we continue to get 2-3 inches everyday (all compact into an hour, the rest of the day is blue sky). You can hear a constant flow in the pipes that take the water to the storage reservoirs, never mind that the water table can be reached 24″ into digging.

So what does this mean? My conclusions?

  1. People are not the only thing leaving California. So are the clouds
  2. California is unable to manage anything with restraint
  3. When the big one comes, it will be just sucking dry arid land into the pacific

So, in conclusion: I may be warming up to this Climate Change Thingy. (Ha! I made a funny! Get it…”Warm” up to climate change…Ha!)


7 thoughts on “Mother Nature agrees

  1. Yeah, the climate is changing alright, it’s called Weather Modification/Geoengineering and it’s ramping up. The WEF wants its Agenda 2030 and it has the means to get it. Before you warm up to it too much (hehe, you so punny) they can steer hurricanes and you know they want FL. You might soon be hit with a ‘world climate tax’ in addition to all the others.


    1. I read a report yesterday that China is launching rain inducing darts into the sky. These darts are supposed to seed the clouds, make them heavier so they rain. Of course, nobody is screaming that THIS is causing any climate change. Jiminy Crickets… is DIRCTLY causing climate change, an attempt to actually control mother nature. Gee Wally, what can possibly go wrong with this concept?

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