Growth too fast!

We have lived in the Bay area (Tampa Bay, not the other one) for 3 decades, 2 of them in our current house. We used to love the “small town feel” while living in a robust city, but in the last two years, it is changing (the wrong way).

With the massive population growth since Covid-shut down policies forced many blue city residents to unass their AO and move to Florida, where we remained open-for-business, we have seen an unprecedented population increase in a very short time. This forced immediate and never ending construction of housing/apartment complexes to meet the demand. Land that had been vacant for years was under construction, old warehouses either cleared out or repurposed (into lofts), even golf courses and flea markets cleared out for large, new complexes. Within 3 miles of us we have 4 new apartment complexes, and 3 new massive neighborhoods under construction, with land being cleared for another half dozen. The outer limits of the city are being extended so that outlying communities are no longer outlying.

It is still not enough. Problem is, it takes years for the road networks to be built to accommodate this growth, so you have twice the people trying to use the same existing road network. Traffic jams are occurring where they had not before, and a nice drive to the countryside is now wrought with road blockages and diversions,

That is not the worst of it. Almost daily now there is a news story about some pedestrian, biker, scooter rider, that lost their life because they took a chance and lost, or went where they should not have gone. Before, these were very rare occurrences. We now read at least once a week of a shooting. Some arbitrary, some induced by anger, most involving alcohol. Again, these used to be rare. By rare I mean maybe twice a year.

With the recent elections, we have been told through local news that it will get worse as many more will relocate to Florida. Well, fine, but we are getting saturated. This is happening in many, many parts of Florida, not just our area.

Do not get me wrong, we welcome these transplants. Florida has always been a State of Transplants. What we do ask is, please pay attention. Give the road networks time to develop. Assimilate (life is a little slower here), and please stay safe.

7 thoughts on “Growth too fast!

  1. Blue state people bring their politics and crime with them. My state has been inundated with NYs. I am one county east of Durham & two counties east of Raleigh. The construction, traffic & shootings/crime/death have skyrocketed. I lived in Durham from 1995 to 1997 (and worked there from 1992 to 2001). East Durham was a little rough (where I worked) but, manageable. West Durham (where I lived) was populated with Duke University personnel. I wouldn’t live in Durham (or Raleigh), now, if you paid my rent and gave me a job. Somebody dies from some shooting every single day. The imported gangs are unbelievable.

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  2. I know what you mean about population versus roads, and the quality of life going straight downhill because no one can no longer get anywhere. When we have any kind of accident issue in the area, there is complete gridlock on most every road, with no other ways to get where you need to go. Apartment buildings are still being built everywhere you look, with townships and school districts looking for any way to get even more people to live in our area so they can collect taxes from them.

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