Sandbags my ass

Most folks know what Florida is focusing on. Big issue with Ida will be flooding. We are in a no-evac, no flood zone, but when 24 inches are forecast, all bets are off. We are slightly elevated, but as a minor precaution I will seal garage door bottom and doors, but unlike the fools standing in a 4 hour line for sandbags, I used Bagged bark chips.

When they get wet, they are as heavy as sand, and when you are done, you can spread them on your garden. Sandbags sit around for years until they become concrete and part of the landscape. This has never failed me.

When I went to HD, there were maybe 4 people doing the same thing. Everyone else was in the wood section trying to buy non-existent plywood.

11 thoughts on “Sandbags my ass

  1. I haven’t thought about using bark chips. In Palm Springs, we’d get flash floods that would seep under our French doors and flood our living room with an inch of water. I used panty hose filled with cat litter to line against French doors.

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