Pirates, Foiled

Today I think I interrupted a porch pirate. Here is what happened:

I had a delivery coming today from Prime, but the delivery was by USPS and not Prime. The difference is, the USPS does not give you a tight delivery window like Amazon deliverers do. So watching out for your package is a little more difficult. Now, my office desk with desktop computer is in front of a window that has a clear view down our driveway all the way up to the front door. I sit there, and wait until I see the delivery person come down the driveway, then open the door and greet them. Worked a million times without a flaw.

Today, I had to get up and go and take care of some business that took me away from my spy post for about 10 minutes. I then came back and noticed a small late model silver sedan (think 1990’s) sitting at the end of our driveway with three teens of Hispanic origin inside. A little unusual, so I just kept watch waiting for them to move on. They didn’t.

I then got the ding. You know, the noise your phone makes when they announce your package was delivered. Okay. So I opened the door, and there against the entry way was my delivery.

Now this little car was not the USPS, and do not be liberal and try to go woke defending these turds….I would lay solid odds they were there to steal the package. As soon as I stepped out, they squealed away like a dragster on a green light.

Now I know. Our house is a porch pirate target. Too bad for them. They will also be a target. Of a more final, different kind.


12 thoughts on “Pirates, Foiled

  1. That’s the problem with home delivery becoming so popular. When the delivery services just leave packages on your doorstep, that is an invitation to thieves. Give it a few years and people will be selling all sort of security systems to stop the thieves. Of course, in the states and localities that refuse prosecute such crooks, even the best security systems won’t work well.

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    1. I actually have a large container for them to put them in, with instructions (sign) ON THE BOX to please put all deliveries in the box, then put the sign in, and lock it with the lock provided. If they do this, the storage box is way to large and clumsy to take. Thing is, Amazon will put it in the box, but not lock it. USPS will do nothing but leave it exposed. So even if we take precautions, the deliverers do not comply.


      1. If thieves start stealing the stuff they deliver in significant quantities, the delivery services will start losing money. They won’t pay attention to the problem until then. At that point they will probably work together to come up with a security solution.


  2. I’m in Chicago. When the delivery guys can’t get in building they leave HUGE packages along with small ones behind bushes. Come on… LOL. It’s so true, unless we look for our packages and immediately pick them up on delivery — we might not have them. It’s a fact of life now.

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