Pre-emptive Choco strike

I read a couple of stories about how Hershey’s is complaining that they are having a hard time getting raw cocoa, and that they will not be able to meet the demands for Halloween.

Welcome to inflation, Hershey.

So, not sure if this is a warning volley that chocolate will be in short supply/high demand……or just another excuse to jack up the prices so they can make their end-of-year bottom line inflated.

I am going with that one. But does not matter, because it will double in price be 24 October. So, I went early. Like today.

We get ours at a wholesaler called GFS (Gordon Food Service). Their prices are decent, and we can buy more for less. We get the same every year. 2 bags. Last year -$10.99 a bag for 120 bars. This year – $12.99 for 120 bars. Tolerable increase. I bet in the next 60 days these bad boys jump to $24 a bag.

The hardest part? Leaving these tempting waist builders alone for 90 days.

3 thoughts on “Pre-emptive Choco strike

  1. We buy our candy ahead of time, and have a special place for it to be stored until the night in question. In the days between, we’ll kid each other about the necessity of having to do a “quality check” or ‘taste test” on the candy…but have been disciplined enough in recent years that it remains untouched until Halloween. And at that point…we’ll set aside a “few” for ourselves.

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  2. Wow – THANKS for the heads up. I’ve been seeing Halloween stuff in stores already. With inflation, I didn’t even think about chocolate prices going even higher. You are right, tough to have them at home for 3 months and not open them! LOL This is so tough on families with small kids, groceries across the board, I mean.


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