Epiphany of choices

I was just washing the breakfast dishes, thinking about what to make for dinner on my day to cook (Cupcake and I alternate days), and thought that this was a source of stress for me. Trying to come up with something different. I thought, no wonder so many older couples just go out to eat. I mean, the cost to eat in is catching up to the cost of eating out, right?

Then it occurred to me that deciding where to eat everyday would be just as stressful as deciding what to make at home. And it hit me…the master of all epiphanies: This has nothing to do with dinner, I am just tired of making choices!

Yeah. You go your whole life making choices. Choices like what to wear. No wonder 80 year old men do not give a crap if the shirt is checkered, the pants are plaid, and the socks do not match. That is just one less choice they have to make on that day.

What shampoo do I use? Dish detergent? Toilet paper? What about what car to buy? Do I buy brand name or generic? Hell, even at the gas pump: 87, 89 or 93? What TV show interest us tonight? Should we stream Netflix, Prime, or HULU? Should my sandals be closed toe of open toe, open back or strapped?

Anyway, I could list a million of them, and they all make me tired. So what to make for dinner will just have to continue to be irritating. Or not. Damn. Another choice.

13 thoughts on “Epiphany of choices

  1. Eating out or going to the grocery store? Six of one, half dozen of another…it’s all expensive! Whenever we used to eat out more regularly and someone would tell me to decide where we would go, I’d respond back with, “Give me three choices and I’ll pick one.” If I didn’t like the choices, I’d clarify: “Give me three choices I like and I’ll pick one.” On the weekend, I try and plan out dinners for the week. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it’s scrambled eggs and toast. Again. If some don’t like it, they have peanut butter or cereal to help themselves to! Drumsticks do sound yummy though! Tonight, we’re having the pasta salad with chicken that we were going to have last night. Fingers crossed! Mona

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  2. I had a friend who created a weekly menu – 7 days, 7 different things to eat. The menu was the same EVERY week. If Friday was pizza, by NEXT Friday, they were looking forward to pizza or salmon every Tuesday, you get the idea. It was a good plan. Life can be easy if we want it to be, right. LOL

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