Routine + Age = Necessity

When we are younger, for the most part we did not want routine. We wanted life to be spontaneous, exciting, unpredictable. If it did not work out, no problem, we just go another new direction. We never went the same way when we hit another fork-in-the-road.

As we get older, that freaking routine becomes a game saver. I am finding myself forgetting more things lately. Not “Alzheimer’s” forget, more like “Where the hell is the remote?” forget.

So I am learning to embrace routine. Those things that I have done so often that it becomes an unconscious action: Putting my keys on the key hanger as soon as I enter the house, putting the remote on the left end table by the Kleenex, checking to make sure the doors/windows are locked as we go to bed, putting my glasses on the wine table when I take them off for the night. Stuff like that.

If I have to think about it, then we are at 50/50 that I will remember. Kind of like making a grocery list rather than relying on my brain to remember what I am going shopping for.

Any of my more senior followers find yourself in the same boat?

11 thoughts on “Routine + Age = Necessity

  1. I fight routine every step of the way. Shopping lists ? What are they? So far, I’ve never starved. Sometimes I misplace my phone so I go out without my phone. Big deal : we survived that for the first fifty years of my life. I do see seniors who run their life by routine : gardening club on Monday, cards on Tuesday, craft group on Wednesday etc filling up their week with non stop activities. This would drive me mad. I like waking up and thinking of something new to do each day. There is so much to do. Heading off on a road trip soon. People ask have you booked your accomodation yet? No. The joy of road trips is stopping at places that you find interesting.
    Routine? Stuff that! Where did I put my specs?


  2. I think it depends on finding routine in some area and foregoing routine with road trips and sometimes taking the path less travelled but for getting up and starting, remembering things like wallets, keys, etc. and a special shopping lists works for me.


  3. I’m more of the routine type, even when I was younger. Spontaneity can be difficult for me. I do make grocery lists because keeping what we need in my head is just impossible.

    My memory is not what it used to be but, as long as I can still find my own butt with both hands, I’m good.

    One thing I am having trouble with is remembering actor/actress names. That tells me that:
    1. I will never be a Jeopardy candidate and…
    2. Knowing Hellyweird crap is useless but, in the event I “really want to know”, there is IMDb.

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    1. My “forgetfulness” is more short term. I can remember stuff like the song order on a 1977 Cheap Trick album, or the 1982 Picture of the year actor, but “did I already add the cumin to this recipe or not?”, or “did I already go out and get today’s mail” escape me from time to time.


  4. I hated routine so much in high school I used to pray for nuclear bomb drills! Mind you, I’m not a senior, yet, but I do all those things you mention—glasses always here, keys always there—and if they are ever out of place, we blame it on the outdoor cat. 😆

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    1. Hah! The pet is always at fault in spite of the lack of opposing thumps. So now that you are experiencing the “shit, where did I put that?” syndrome, have your views about routing changed at all?


  5. My wife and I have recently entered a phase where we help each other out remembering things we certainly both remembered years before. These are with scenarios like who is the artist for a certain song, the name of an actor or actress in a certain film, etc. We do have our routines and they have been unaffected as of yet. One thing though…I need glasses to read and constantly don’t take them from room to room, having to double back when needed. That is one routine directly related to forgetfulness, unless you call having to always go get them somewhere a routine in itself!

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    1. That is exactly what I am talking about….memory is now a tag team event! I really try to “leave” stuff in the same place every time to help consolidate my “bone head” moments, but then the dog decides to get a good laugh and move them. It must be him, because it wasn’t me that left the TV remote in the refrigerator. 🙂

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