In the interest of bipartisanship, and so that I can justify my “dislike of people” on a simpler scale, rather than subdivide them into Conservative vs Liberal, or Democrat vs Republican, I am going a new direction.

They will now be categorized by “Wheel of Fortune” contestants or “Jeopardy” contestants.

If you cannot figure out what I am doing here, then just go ahead and jump into the “Wheel of Fortune” queue.

9 thoughts on “Re-Categorize

      1. Oh, god…um…boring…um…stupid…mind numbing… I want to stick my finger in my eye, all the way to the brain and swirl it around (adjusted joke, stolen from Friends). And, poor Vanna. Those boxes/letters can highlight themselves. She is just a cake topper.

        Jeopardy, now…that is another issue. In general terms, it is a good show, particularly when Trebek was still alive. I like Ken Jennings but, they seem to use him sparingly. Bialik, on the other hand, is obnoxious as hell. Sadly, Jeopardy has gone “woke.” It used to showcase very interesting topics (operas & stage plays, I can do without) but, now, it has been dumbed down with politics.

        Where is Chuck Barris when you need him…or, Paul Lynde (Hollywood Squares).

        Sorry…my three cents, adjusted for inflation.

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      2. OMG! I could have written this myself, word for word! Ken Jennings has earned our respect, Bialik has earned an upchuck. My wife and I think she….word? word? Yeah – sucks…that is the word. Vanna is there so Pat can have someone to talk to during the closing credits. As for WOF, I am going to get a Co_onary screaming at the st_pid as_holes that spin when there is only one Let_ter left.


      3. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Dear god, I nearly wet myself…

        Take a deep breath. WOF is not worth stroking out over. Those folks traveled a long way to spin the equivalent of an empty coke bottle and hang a stick figure. They want their damn money…and 15 minutes of fame. I do admit enjoying the woman who wanted to clean up the floor after winning $100,000. Ditto the guy that dropped to the floor and did a snow angel in the confetti. Primetime gold…

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