But he is a sweetheart!

Next Door Neighbor announced another loose dog in our neighborhood. The picture showed a very large gray Pit Bull. Of course the owners say “he will never hurt a fly, he is a sweetheart”.

News Flash: No he isn’t.

They are very loyal to their owner/handler, but EVERYONE ELSE is a threat and fair game. They will attack. It is bred into them for hundreds of years. You would have better luck convincing me your duck hates water.

Now when I walk our Pug, I carry a sweet S&W 9mm, loaded, chambered, and with no safety. The dog is not an issue with me as he will be dead long before he approaches snapping proximity. But Cupcake…..she only goes with a whistle and a prayer.

Make no bones about it: she gets hurt, the dog’s owner is on a limited oxygen supply, so my advice is simple: secure your damn dog.

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