Time to surrender your….

What happened in Texas this past week was a horrible tragedy, on this we can all agree. No child should have their life cut short for any reason. It would seem, though, that the killer is not at fault. Nope. The liberal narrative blames it on the gun. The shooter was just a tool of his weapon.

Ok. Lets extrapolate –

On that same day, 56 minor children were killed in car accidents – So please go to the nearest DMV and surrender your cars, driver’s license and keys

On that same day, 5 children were killed by knife stabbings – So please go to your nearest police station and surrender all your knives, even those used in the kitchen

On that same day, there were 2632 abortions – So please call your local gynecologist and surrender your reproductive organs.

On that same day, 13 kids died as a result of consuming poisonous materials made available in the home – So please call poison control and surrender all of your cleaning products, bath products, makeup products, and body lotions

See how this works? I have guns. More than one, and in my entire life, not one of them has jumped into my hand, taken control, and commanded me to go take an innocent life. They sit safely and obediently waiting for me should the need arise to defend my family. (These figures were based on FBI statistics from 2019)

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