Tease my ass!

Cupcake and I like to watch Wheel of Fortune followed by Jeopardy (like a zillion other households). Now this is on CBS, so around 6:55 we turn it on and wait out the last 5 minutes of CBS National News (spelled “Propaganda”). This time, they teased with a next day lead story about a new scam that is taking millions from those that cannot critically think. Well, that might be worth watching , we thought. It was teased for the next day’s 6:30 news.

So, against my better judgement, we tuned in at 6:30. Watched the whole newscast, and guess what? No scam story. Oh, they had all the usual woke crap, but the only thing I cared about was this tease. Epic fail. So if they lie about that, and if I extrapolate measuring integrity, then the outcome is that CBS is “liar liar pants on fire” with all their news.


8 thoughts on “Tease my ass!

    1. Oh yes, and have talked about it. We still enjoy the trivia, but the cast of characters is becoming more and more disappointing . We do like Ken Jennings as host, but not so much Amy Farrah Fowler. The recent list of champions is irritating, especially the current one. The Mama’s boy bookend whose career is “ride sharer”.


      1. The last two long runners (trans & girl with big glasses) stated that they wanted Jennings to be the “only” host. Bialik is annoying as hell.

        Bookend…LOL! WTF is a “ride sharer?” Is that a dumbed-down version of Uber or Lyft?


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